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75 Years to Vladimir L. Rvachev

Тhe outstanding scientist of a modernity in the field of mathematics, mechanics and cybernetics, academician of National academy of sciences of Ukraine, winner of the State premium of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering, renowned figure of science and engineering of Ukraine, professor, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, founder of new scientific school on a method of R-functions, atomic functions, non-Archimedian calculation and automation of programming, former header of the Department of applied mathematics NTU "KPI" Vladimir L.Rvachev has turned 75.

Vladimir L.Rvachev was born in 1926 in Ukraine in teacher's family. In 1943 he entered Kharkov institute of the engineers of a railway transport that was in an evacuation that time. After short term of education he was called on a military service. V.L.Rvachev took part in battle operations of Great Patriotic War, for what he was awarded to a medal " For the Victory above Germany".

In a 1952 he successfully finished the department of physics and mathematics of the Lvov University. In period from 1952 to 1955 he was actively working above the scientific problem connected with a title block-band and an infinite beam lying on an elastic half-space. The work above this problem was finished by a guard of a candidate thesis at the Lvov University.

In 1960 in Institute of problems of a mechanics AS USSR V.L.Rvachev excellently defended his doctoral thesis devoted to space contact problems of the theory of an elasticity. This work became classical in a solution of the given problem. At the age of 35 V.L.Rvachev was appropriated the scientific rank of the professor.

His becoming as scientist has coincided with the period of rough development of cybernetics and computer facilities. Being already recognized scientist in the field of a mechanics, V.L.Rvachev essentially expanded a circle of his interests considering boundary value problems of a mechanics from common items of the theory of computer science. His attention was attracted by the problem of the account of a geometric information, that is inherent to a broad class of problems of optimization and mathematical physics solved with the help of the computer. In 1963, V.L.Rvachev founded new mathematical theory - theory of R-functions, that appeared on the junction of mathematical logic, classical methods of an applied mathematics and modern methods of cybernetics. One of the main outcomes of this theory is the solution of a reverse problem of analytical geometry. The essence of this theory is that for specific geometric object it is required to write its equation. Historically this problem ascends to the Cartes. V.L.Rvachev managed to solve this problem in such a manner that it is possible to build the equation of any complicated geometric objects as uniform analytical expression that is an elementary function.

The fundamental work on the theory of R-functions is his monography "The theory of R-functions and some its applications ".- Kiev: Naukova Dumka, 1982.-552p.

From 1969 to 1970 V.L.Rvachev was the head of the Department theoretical and mathematical physics of Kharkov politechnical institute (now the Department of applied mathematics). V.L.Rvachev paid much attention to improvement of professional skill and scientific outlook of the teachers, post-graduate students and students. He headed the work of a urban scientific seminar "Applied methods of mathematics and cybernetics" and himself read the lectures under the theory of R-functions and its applications for the teachers and post-graduate students of institute.

Since 1970 and till the present time V.L.Rvachev has headed the Department of an applied mathematics and computing methods in Institute of Problems of a mechanical engineering NAS of Ukraine.

In 1972 V.L.Rvachev was elected as the member - correspondent of the Academy of science UkrSSR and in 1978 as valid member of AS UkrSSR.

In 1989 V.L.Rvachev offered new algebraic calculation called non-Archimedean isomorphic to the classical one as the Archimedean principle formulated for sections on which all classical mathematical means base is replaced by an axiom about existence of the greatest number in it. The works on applications of non-Archimedean calculations in physics of distant space were also begun and the first nontrivial conclusions were made about the fact that spectra displacement of fixed objects in the red part is not a corollary of the extension of the universe and the idea about its birth because of large explosion billion of years back is doubtful. New ideas of V.L.Rvachev were picked up by his students in Ukraine and physists of India. So, in 2000 in the American journal "Foundations of physics" there was a joint article V.L.Rvachev and Avinosha (India) in which the non-Archimedean calculations have found new applications including the applications in theory gravitations.

Academician NAS of Ukraine V.L.Rvachev is the author of more then 500 scientific works and 17 monographies. His scientific and pedagogical activity is marked by the high governmental awards and nominal premiums (named by A.N.Dinnik, the State premium of UkrSSR in the field of science and engineering, his has been appropriated a rank of the Renowed figure of science of Ukraine, Soros professor), etc. Rvachev scientific school totals more than 70 candidates, 16 doctors of sciences, 2 member - correspondents NAS of Ukraine.

V.L.Rvachev is the Honorary doctor of National technical university "KhPI", National technical university of radio electronics (Kharkov), Viskonsin University of USA (Maddison).

Now V.L.Rvachev is in a full heyday of creative powers, he continues intense work as a scientific, the teacher and gives all his forces to Science development.

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